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Ages New Born to 18 Months

The objective of bonding and trust is achieved through consistent and responsive primary care. Children's needs of feeding, diapering and cuddling are met quickly, predictably and viewed as opportunities for positive adult-infant interactions. Personalised schedules and interactions throughout the day encourage learning, developing and growing in their own unique way.


Ages 18 to 30 Months

Toddler beginnings of independence are supported with planned activities of short duration that require little sharing. Children are consoled and cuddled during frustrating attempts of trying out new skills. The environment is flexible, supporting each child's needs for a balanced day.


Ages 31 Months - 5 Years

Children at this age are very much into peer social interactions and finding a place in the group.  They seek acceptance by their peers and needing a positive self-image.  With this in mind, we provide an environment that nurtures social skills and encourage confidence and positive self-esteem.  The classroom is divided into different learning centers that allow children to become active participants in small-group discussions and learn to use materials and activities where they experience success.  Through active participation, children learn to work in groups and develop a sense of belonging where they share excitement about learning. 


Ages 44 - 67 Months 

 At this age, children are preparing to go to Kindergarten.  They are very independent and are eager and receptive to learn new concepts.  We offer children a combination of self-directed and teacher-directed activities to channel all their energy and excitement for their gross and fine motor development.  Different learning centers are established throughout the classroom to offer new challenges.  Children are given the opportunity to choose the center of their interests.  Within this structured setting, they will use the available educational materials in their own pace.  The teachers are always enthusiastic and sensitive to meet their changing needs.  


We also provide full day care for PA days, March Break Program, Winter Break Program and a Summer Program.  For more information on these programs please click on the Full Day Program below.  Don't forget to ask about our Family Rates for the full day programs.


Ages 68 Months - 12 Years 

 We provide school-age care from 7:00 a.m. until school begins and from school dismissal to 6:00 p.m.
Children from Junior Kindergarten to age 12 enjoy high quality care that is fun, stimulating, flexible and friendly.  Our programs offer a safe place for children with a flexible schedule and structure.  
All of our programs provide age appropriate activities, nutritional snacks in accordance with Canada's Food Guide, indoor and outdoor play and many other activities.  Children can choose to take part in group activities and then work on their homework or play a board game, create at the arts and craft table, read stories, participate in dramatic play or choose from the many other activities available to them. 

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